On the auspicious day of May 15, 2024, Mr. Tersoo Sunday Teryima, affectionately known as Louis Machocho and revered as the Media Jagabam, assumed the esteemed role of Official Media Officer for the Nigeria Mini Football Association. This appointment also bestowed upon him the responsibility of serving as the Media Officer for the Nigerian National Team of Mini Football, the Super Spartan Eagles of Nigeria.

Louis Machocho, an alumnus of Fidei Polytechnic Gboko with a background in Computer Science, emerges as a luminary in the realm of sports writing. His penned narratives have captivated audiences far and wide, transcending borders and garnering attention nationally and internationally. His innate ability to weave together elements of nature, historical anecdotes, and vivid imagination into his sports reports renders his work nothing short of magnificent. Remarkably, Machocho possesses the uncanny knack of narrating events with such vividness that one could easily mistake his absence for his presence. The enigmatic synergy between his pen, paper, words, and the reader remains a divine mystery, a gift bestowed upon him by the heavens.

Machocho’s ascent to prominence traces back to his ardent endeavors to amplify and spotlight grassroots football activities across the state, with a particular focus on the JS Tarka Stadium Gboko, the hallowed grounds of the historic defunct BCC Lions Gboko. His journey, fueled initially by sheer passion, has metamorphosed into a cornerstone of livelihood for Machocho himself and a beacon of elevation for Benue State as a whole. Furthermore, his contributions extend to the realm of journalism, where he has lent his prolific pen to the pages of Benue Newspoint, especially in matters concerning sports.

Today, we come together to celebrate the prodigious talent that is Louis Machocho, our very own son and brother, whose accomplishments resonate far beyond the confines of our state. It is incumbent upon us to rally behind him, to offer our unwavering support by following the official page of the Super Spartan Eagles of Nigeria, as well as Machocho’s personal page.

To aspiring writers and content creators, Machocho’s journey serves as a poignant reminder of the virtues of diligence and unwavering focus. His story is a testament to the adage that persistence breeds success. In the face of adversity, let us heed the lessons imparted by Machocho’s journey: never relent, never falter, for success shall inevitably grace the path of the resolute.

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