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Mr. Ephraim Aondohemba Kuhe, the CEO of Bonezworld Plug, recently shared a powerful message that has resonated deeply with many in the business and creative communities. Known as one of the most prominent bloggers in Benue, Bonezworld has built a significant platform through dedication and hard work. His latest advice is a testament to his experience and success.

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Ephraim Aondohemba Kuhe (Bonezworld)

In a recent address, Bonezworld emphasized the importance of self-reliance and perseverance in building one’s brand. “Nobody owes you any support, so don’t expect anything from anyone. Build your brand alone and wait for your ‘One Call’,” he said. This statement highlights the harsh reality that entrepreneurs and creatives often face: the journey to success is typically a solitary one, requiring immense personal effort and resilience.


Bonezworld’s words are particularly relevant in an era where many look for quick success and immediate validation from others. His advice encourages individuals to focus on their own efforts and to cultivate their talents and brands independently. This approach, while challenging, ultimately leads to more sustainable and genuine success.

Ephraim Aondohemba Kuhe (Bonezworld)

Bonezworld, under Mr. Ephraim Aondohemba Kuhe’s leadership, has become a beacon of quality content and reliable information in Benue. Despite his success, Bonezworld acknowledges the continuous support he receives from his audience and community. “As big as I am, I still live by people’s support,” he admitted, showcasing his humility and the reciprocal nature of his success. This sentiment underscores the importance of appreciating the support one does receive, even as one strives to build independently.

Ephraim Aondohemba Kuhe (Bonezworld)

Bonezworld also referenced TeeRoy Tyobee’s hit single “One Call,” drawing a parallel between the song’s message and his own philosophy. “Build and wait for your ‘One Call’ (God’s appointed time),” he advised. TeeRoy Tyobee’s “One Call” is an anthem of hope and perseverance, reminding listeners that a single moment or opportunity can change everything. Bonezworld’s interpretation of the song aligns with his belief in hard work and divine timing.

Ephraim Aondohemba Kuhe (Bonezworld)

This message is particularly empowering for young entrepreneurs and creatives who may feel discouraged by the lack of immediate recognition or support. Bonezworld’s words serve as a reminder that while the journey may be tough and lonely, persistence and faith in one’s path will eventually lead to success.

Ephraim Aondohemba Kuhe (Bonezworld)

In conclusion, Bonezworld’s advice is a call to action for all aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives. His journey with Bonezworld Plug exemplifies the rewards of dedication and self-reliance. By focusing on building their brands and waiting for their “One Call,” individuals can find both personal fulfillment and professional success. Bonezworld’s inspiring words, coupled with the uplifting message of TeeRoy Tyobee’s “One Call,” offer a roadmap for anyone looking to make their mark in the world.

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