"This is an abomination" - Mr Macaroni loses it as fellow man spanked his backside in new video (Watch)

The clip is a comedy skit the place Macaroni is the daddy and her daughter Motunde brings a person known as Eval as a step for her to get married.

In the beginning, Mr Macaroni frowned on the Eval for refusing to bow for him, and later they get sitted.

Eval whereas talking disclosed that when he noticed the image of Macaroni he was blown away, describing him as a person of favor.

He was in a position to seize the center of macaroni and he instructed his youngster Motunde to offer Eval with a scrumptious meal.

Whereas Mr Macaroni additionally stood up collectively wine for Eval believing that eventually his daughter Motunde has discovered a person, Eval reveals who he’s truly.

As Mr Macaroni was strolling, Eval raises eyebrows by spanking Mr Macaroni on at his bottom.

Mr Macaroni paused and turned again with a fuming facial features, Eval additionally stood up gushing over Macaroni’s physique.

Mr Macaroni stated; “What did you simply do to me?”

Eval stated; “Daddy, the primary time, I noticed your image on Motunde’s cellphone, I knew you had been the one.”

Macaroni stated; “Jesus Christ.”

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